Affiliated Faculty

Milena Ang, Collegiate Assistant Professor, Social Sciences

Dain Borges, Associate Professor of Latin American History

Claudia Brittenham, Associate Professor of Art History and the College

Chad Broughton, Senior Lecturer of Public Policy at the College

Shannon Dawdy, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Social Sciences in the College

Brodwyn Fischer, Professor of Latin American History and the College

Rachel Galvin, Assistant Professor, Department of English

Laura Gandolfi, Assistant Professor, Latin American Literature

Edgar Garcia, Provost's Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of English

Angela S. García, Assistant Professor, School of Social Service Administration

Ramón Gutiérrez, Preston & Sterling Morton Distinguished Service Professor of American History, Department of History

Susan Gzesh, Executive Director of Pozen Family Center for Human Rights

Benjamin Lessing, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science

John Lucy, William Benton Professor of Psychology, Comparative Human Development, and the College

Mauricio Tenorio, Professor of Latin American History

Victoria Saramago, Assistant Professor in Brazilian Literature, Romance Languages and Literatures