Acknowledgments of Support

We gratefully acknowledge the donations and support of the following individuals, whose generous financial contributions make possible the activities of the center.

Professor Katz Memorial Fund Contributors:

  • William O. Autry
  • Albert C. Baldermann
  • Joanne Marie-Genevieve Berens
  • Katherine E. Bliss
  • Mr. and Mrs. John W. Boyer
  • John Coatsworth
  • Patricia F. de Castro Martínez
  • Esther del Valle
  • Hugo Dubovoy
  • Christina Gómez and Gerald Patrick Doyle
  • Laura Gotkowitz
  • Peter Francis Guardino and Jane Marie Walter
  • Amelia Marie Kiddle
  • Hector Lindo Fuentes
  • Dorrit Knorr
  • Eugenia Meyer
  • Peter Novick
  • Andres Reséndez Fuentes
  • Diane Roazen
  • Mr. and Mrs. Marshall D. Sahlins
  • Martin J. Salvucci
  • Alejandro Silva
  • Mary Simon
  • Charles Frederick Walker and Zoila Silvia Mendoza
  • Carol Warshawsky

These gifts in memory of Friedrich Katz acknowledge his extraordinary influence at the University of Chicago and beyond, and provide for the growth of scholarly programs at the Katz Center for Mexican Studies.