Programa 2019



New Ruralities in Mexico: Phenomenology and Genealogies

Friedrich Katz Memorial Conference 2019-20

Center for Mexican Studies

Columbia University





8:30 AM Coffee and bagels for participants

9:00 AM Welcome

9:15 AM Keynote address: Antonio Azuela (UNAM), “The Urbanization of the Rural World.  Water, Homes, and Territorial Transformations in the Tropics.”

10:15-12:30  PANEL: Local Economies

  1. Marianne Braig (Freie Universität), New and Old Inequalities in Rural Mexico
  2. Martina Kaller (University of Vienna), The New ‘Commons’ in Oaxaca
  3. Agustín Escobar (CIESAS) and Mercedes González de la Rocha (CIESAS), Pobreza y economía internacional: Los jornaleros de exportación en México.

Discussant: Victoria Murillo (Columbia University)


2:00-5:00PM PANEL: Families and Domestic Economies

  1. Patricia Arias (Universidad de Guadalajara), Declining Rural Population and Changing Economic Strategies of Rural Domestic Units
  2. Gabrielle Oliveira (Boston College), Transnationality and Changing Family Forms
  3. Claudio Lomnitz (Columbia University), Aporias of Migrant Familial Sacrifice

Discussant: Nara Milanich (Barnard College)



9:00AM-12:00 PM PANEL: Economies and the social organization of violence

  1. Adele Blázquez (EHESS, Paris), The Social Condition of Poppy Growers in Badiraguato, Sinaloa.
  2. Salvador Maldonado (El Colegio de Michoacán), Crimen organizado y seguridad en regiones agrícolas de Michoacán.
  3. Wil Pansters (Utrecht University), Caciquismo as a referent and framework for the organization of contemporary rural violence.

Discussant: Naor Ben Yehoyada (Columbia University)


1:30- 4:00 PM Genealogical Fragments 

  1. Emilio Kouri (University of Chicago), The Ejido of the Revolution: Origins and Destinies
  2. Tanalís Padilla (MIT), Student-Teachers, Political Activism and the Countryside, 1940-                   1970
  3. Chris Boyer (University of Illinois-Chicago), Unsettled Commodification in the Forests of Cherán, Michoacán.  

Discussant: José Moya (Barnard College)


Antonio Azuela, Natalia Mendoza, Patricia Arias, Wil Pansters, Adele Blázquez, Chris Boyer, Martina Kaller

Moderator: Claudio Lomnitz.


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