Programa 2018

Walking Through Walls, Transgressing Frontiers

Border Regimes and Phantom Borders in North America and Central Europe since 1848

University of Vienna

October 18-19, 2018

This conference, a joint venture by the University of Chicago and the University of Vienna, takes place in Vienna in October 2018. As the fourth Cátedra Katz it will focus on one of the core research interests of late Mexicanist Friedrich Katz. Extending Katz’s original focus on Mexico’s northern frontier as a transnational space, we will discuss issues of labor migration, economy, and border regimes. Our debates will tackle topics stretching from current controversies about bordering empires in the northern hemisphere (EU, USA) back to changes to the political maps of North America and Central Europe in the Nineteenth Century. Eventually, border regimes related to global migration flows will offer theoretical and juridical glimpses of the Twentieth and the Twenty-first Centuries.


October 18, 2018, 18:30 | HS 1, main building, staircase 1, court 1

Martina Kaller, University of Vienna

Welcome address

Berthold Molden, University of Vienna

Border Boy. The Frontiers of Friedrich Katz

Kateřina Březinová, Metropolitan University of Praha

Keynote: The Mexican-American Border Wall and its Impact on North American Integration


October 19, 2018, 09:45 to 18:30 | HS 2, main building, staircase 5, court 3

Laurin Blecha, University of Vienna

Along the post-1822 Mexican-Central American Border

Markus Müller, Free University Berlin

“A System of Vigorous Reprisal:” The US Borderland Indian Campaigns as Crucible of Imperial Violence

Andrea Komlosy, University of Vienna

The shifting empire: Austria-Hungary’s Reorganization in the Face of Nationalism: 1848 → 1867 →1918

Alberto Barrera Enderle, CIESAS Unidad Noreste, Mexico

Smuggling at the American Mexican Border in the Twentieth Century

Chair: Martina Kaller

Break 13:00 to 14:30

Claudia Kraft, University of Vienna

Along the former Iron Curtain in Central Europe

Daniela Ingruber, Donau University Krems

Challenges of Undocumented Immigration and Radical Responses: Walls, Fences, Military Enforcement

Jonathan Ordóñez Gaitán, University of Milan

Borders in Central America: Origins, Functions and Future

Chair: Berthold Molden

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