Visiting Scholars

With the support of an endowment from the Edward Larocque Tinker Foundation, each year the Center for Latin American Studies hosts at least three senior scholars or professionals from Latin America and/or the Iberian Peninsula to teach and conduct research at the University of Chicago as a Tinker Visiting Professor. Since 1982, this endowment has made it possible for numerous scholars of Mexican history, literature, and the social sciences to come to Chicago.

As of the fall of 2009, each year the Katz Center hosts a senior faculty member from El Colegio de México to teach one cross-listed undergraduate/graduate course, as well as one advanced graduate student from the Colegio.

The Katz Center also hosts visiting scholars from outside institutions on a regular basis.


  • Judith Boruchoff
    Associate Researcher, Katz Center for Mexican Studies
    Research interests: transnationalism and globalization; Mexico-U.S. migration; anthropological perspectives on the State; the nature of political agency; material culture
  • Berthold Molden
    Associate Researcher, Katz Center for Mexican Studies
  • Óscar Javier Barrera Aguilera
    El Colegio de México

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