Cátedra Cultural México-Katz

Katz Program on Mexican Culture

In autumn of 2010, the University of Chicago, through the Katz Center for Mexican Studies, and Mexico’s National Council for Culture and the Arts (CONACULTA) signed an agreement to establish the Cátedra Cultural México-Katz (Katz Program on Mexican Culture) at the University of Chicago.

As part of the agreement, Mexican creative artists and academics from a wide array of disciplines visit the University of Chicago to offer lectures, performances, seminars, and courses. Read more about the agreement at the CONACULTA website.

Previous conferences

  • Autumn 2013: “El año 1914”
    David Huerta, poet, essayist, translator

David Huerta

  • Spring 2012: “Los Procesos de la Creación”
    Margo Glantz, writer, critic, essayist

Margo Glantz

  • Spring 2011: Inauguration of the Cátedra Cultura de México-Katz
    Mario Lavista, classical composer
    Conservatorio Nacional de Música, Mexico City

Mario Lavista

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